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W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

It may be time for lunch – it crossed my mind a couple of times while I was floating on a huge yellow pillow in the middle of W Singapore’s pool without a care in the world. Nah, I only just came here – I kept telling myself and went for a cocktail in the swim-up bar instead. Now, the afternoon light turned everything golden and it looks like it may be my last chance for “lunch” before it gets dark and the pool service closes for the day. I reluctantly make my way back to a sun lounger and as it turns out it is almost 5 pm.

This is the laziest and the happiest afternoon I had in a while. I really don’t need much. Hot, humid day and a big pool pretty much all to myself. Every Monday should look like this. I place my order for a sandwich and another cocktail and the nice waiter informs me it will be about 20 minutes, so I roll back to the pool where my yellow floating pillow is waiting for me. I want this moment to last forever.


room type: Fabulous
price: from SGD425 (~AUD405)

The room

As the name – Fabulous – suggests, the room really is nothing short of fabulous. When I go up there for the first time, 3 things stand out to me: the size (it’s 40m2! that’s almost as big as my Melbourne apartment), the bed (it has a beautiful headboard and looks like it’s floating) and the view (I see the pool, palm trees and the marina). And that’s when I get too distracted and think why on earth am I not in the pool yet?!

When I finally go back to the room it’s almost completely dark outside. After spending so many hours in the pool, the bathtub doesn’t look that appealing anymore but the shower is definitely needed. Delicate rain shower, Bliss cosmetics and a fluffy robe make me feel like I’m in a spa. I turn on the purple mood lighting and almost want to say it’s time to sit back and relax but I’ve been relaxing since 1 pm (yay for early check-in!).

I set up my working station on the desk – there are 2 easily accessible universal power outlets that save me from rummaging through the suitcase to find my adapter. All devices charged I move to the bed. The pillows are like clouds, the bed is huge and I can really stretch. I should close my eyes for a moment…

I wake up to the sounds of a tropical thunderstorm. It’s 6 am and the panoramic views over the marina and the South China Sea come in handy for this storm lover. I make myself a tea – it’s TWG which I discovered only a few days ago and am a huge fan of – and spend the next 30 minutes by the window watching the storm.

On my way to the breakfast, I fist bump the hand-shaped-flower-holder by the door and say good morning. It’s only the 3rd day of my trip that I spend solo and I think I’m already going crazy.

The food

Breakfast is served at The Kitchen Table. I have some trouble finding it, I should have listened yesterday when everything was explained to me during check in, instead of gazing longingly at the pool and being totally distracted by it. I must look very lost because not just one but two members of the staff approach me and help me find my way.

I’m welcomed with a smile and showed to a table by the window. I order coffee and go explore the food options. Everything looks very tempting. Donuts, pastries, laksa, bacon, homemade yoghurt, freshly squeezed juices and some beautiful small goods. There’s too much to wrap my head around it. I try my best to taste a bit of everything – I’m here only for one night, so this is my only chance. But I fail miserably.

I’m very satisfied with the breakfast spread but the coffee, even though it’s served in one of the prettiest cups, doesn’t live up to my expectations. So to finish off my morning pig out I have one more croissant because these are excellent and one more coffee to make sure the first wasn’t a one-off occurrence. I’m still not a fan of the coffee but the bakery department gets a seal of approval.

At the poolside, I order a sandwich and am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bread. Halfway through I’m full but it’s too good to leave it. I may not be able to float in the pool anymore after I eat it all.

W Singapore

The W Singapore is set in a quiet corner of the Sentosa Island with marina and residential buildings around it. Surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees the hotel feels really secluded and it’s easy to forget about all the hustle and bustle of the big city. At the same time, it’s only about 20 minutes & SGD18 by taxi to the CBD.

The pool is definitely the star of the resort. I can easily imagine spending a couple of days cruising between the pool, the swim-up bar, the WOOBAR and the in-house restaurants without the need of leaving the hotel.

There are also many beautiful art pieces throughout the hotel. Sadly, there were no art tours offered, so I didn’t get much in terms of their background story. Custom designed carpets and velvety sexy lifts also seem to be very artsy. W once again proves to be my kind of hotel.

The verdict

I’m totally biased, W Hotels are very high on my favourites list. W Singapore doesn’t disappoint. Comfort and luxury with some quirky details are exactly what I expected. 24 hours wasn’t enough to experience everything and taste test all that the breakfast spread offered but it was more than enough to become my most relaxing day of the entire month-long trip to SE Asia.

Disclaimer: Aga was a hosted guest of W Singapore

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