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Cocktails at Sky on 57, Singapore

When it comes to last evenings in places I truly enjoy, I get sad, emotional and usually want to do something fun to finish the stay on a high note. This time around in Singapore, we did so many fun and interesting things, I couldn’t imagine what could be that one last activity. – Have you been to the top of Marina Bay Sands? asked our friend who we visited that afternoon – We went there once, not the the Sky Park but for a coffee – he added, after seeing us shaking our heads – the view up there is spectacular. 

Quick internet search didn’t give me much informations on what exactly is available, but we decided to check it out anyway. After a bit of confusion on which tower we are heading up to, one helpful person behind the Information desk cleared this for us: Sky on 57 = Tower 1. Ride up to the 57th floor was quite fast and painless even for me – not a big fan of lifts, and the view up there was rewarding any lift stresses. First we headed to a small viewing deck on the Bay side and they proceeded inside through the restaurant entrance. – Good afternoon, do you have a booking? And then I realised, it’s Friday, Chinese New Year, one of the most popular buildings in Singapore and I hoped to just casually come in and get a small table or a bar stool to have a drink there? To my surprise, they still had a couple of small sofa lounges at the outside Terrace Bar available.

Before opening the menu we tried to predict the prices (we read some reviews on the internet and most of them used the word “expensive” at least once) – how much can a cocktail cost? Our guess was somewhere between $25-30 each and we would understand that – you don’t pay just for a cocktail but also for a location. As it turned out we weren’t too far with our guesses – it was $24 (which being about AU$21 is a similar price we would pay in Brisbane sans the view).

We also couldn’t be more obvious with our choices – Mojito and Singapore Sling. It took us, of course, a few minutes and we read the entire cocktail list just to come to realisation we both go for our favourites.

Wait for the drinks was quite long, but we were busy anyway: being tourists, taking photos in every possible direction and admiring the view. Our timing for being up there was great – we watched the sun setting down and the lights of the city turn on. Stunning is the word that comes to mind first when I think about that night. And when done with a pretty good cocktail in hand and in a good company, it makes for an unforgettable experience. Exactly what I wanted my last night in Singapore to be like – unforgettable.

Bill: SG$48 (AU$42) for 2 cocktails + free small bowl of spicy chips
How to get there: lift to level 57, tower 1, from the lobby of Marina Bay Sands, no access card needed

Sky on 57 Singapore Sky on 57 Singapore Sky on 57 Singapore

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