Life in lockdown

Lockdowns. They come and go. Sometimes they linger a bit too long.

It’s the middle of October of everyone’s favourite year 2020. We (Melbourne) are on day one hundred (100!) of our second lockdown of the year. While the first round was productive and we were all in this together, this time around it’s just too much.

In between

The few weeks we had in between the lockdowns gave me a chance to finally have my driving test. I had the best driving instructor in town (Graeme from Driving Zone), felt well prepared and confident on the day so I passed without any dramas. Yaaaaay to me being officially a driver now.

We also managed to go to four restaurants, for a few walks in the city, to the South Melbourne beach, a cinema and art gallery. Life was starting to feel normal again, I was in the middle of planning a road trip and really wanted to go for a long drive but that’s when the second lockdown hit us (just a few days after my driving test).


While everyone was enjoying life, mine became limited to a 5km radius from home and to only four reasons to leave (shopping for food and supplies, care and caregiving, exercise, study and work – if you can’t do it from home). At one point we had an 8pm curfew and one hour of allowed outside time. 

Social media triggers

When I’m struggling mentally, I’m trying to avoid social media. Seeing my friends in other parts of Australia or family in Europe travelling around hurts. Photos they posted on social media caused excessive amounts of tears on more than one occasion. 

Low point

When they were giving us dates of the possible finish line and then, they were moving them again I hit my low point. Once I started crying after hearing the announcement, it became a daily occurrence. Everything seemed bad (you know things are bad when even the cuddly local cat ignored me) and this nightmare felt like it may never end. I watched Netflix from morning till late night, stopped reading books and induced happiness by eating large quantities of carbs and sugar. And we all know that couldn’t end well. I hit my heaviest weight ever and something had to be done. 

Aga’s back

I’m on week 5 of quitting sugar (tried this once 6 years ago and it was wonderful) and feeling great. My energy levels are up, I read books before bed, eat loads of veggies, work out more and enjoy little things. I also have a new business idea and I’m working on a fun food-related project which I can’t wait to share news about soon.

The little things

I also decided to do at least one thing that sparks joy every day. It doesn’t have to be big but the joy it sparks lasts for a long time. There is yoga every Tuesday morning, small watercolour painting every now and then, driving a truck around Europe in Euro Truck Simulator 2, having pizza in the park with friends, neighbour giving me some parsley from his little garden, discovering pretty areas of my 5km radius, getting surprise pierogi delivered, finding free lemons, creating art and getting better at sourdough bread with every bake

Happiness is Hubby’s pasta on weekends, getting better at coffee art and enjoying meals on our little balcony.

Lockdown fashion

Wow, it’s so uncomfortable to wear a bra! Lockdown means activewear, track pants, no bra, no makeup and really no sense of fashion. Colours don’t have to match and patterns can clash. Nobody cares.

100 days in

Today, 100 days into the lockdown, we’re having a little Friday afternoon party. There’s champagne, homemade sourdough baguettes and a big charcuterie board. We’re treating ourselves for surviving this long and getting only a little crazy.

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    The Travel Junkie
    October 16, 2020 at 8:21 pm

    Any recommendations zombie movies on Netflix?

    • Reply
      Aga Kozmic
      October 17, 2020 at 7:35 am

      No, I watch mostly Scandi dramas and Nordic Noir.

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