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10 reasons Warsaw is worth a visit

aka The other thing wrong with 2016 Australia Day lamb ad

Apparently this year’s Australia Day lamb campaign became the most complained about advertisement in Australian history. It’s a funny, movie-like ad about bringing all Australians home for January 26 so that they can enjoy a lamb barbecue. Sounds harmless. It’s all going downhill from the moment they show agents trying to rescue a young Australian – he says he’s vegan and they blowtorch his apartment.

For me personally it was funny. Some vegans though felt hurt and offended, which resulted in hundreds of complains lodged with with the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Should Polish people complain too?

Did you notice that awful start to the video? Warsaw, winter ’96 – accompanied by a cold, grey visual of “Warsaw”. Is that really how Australians see Warsaw (or even worse, if that’s what they think about the entire Poland)?

That’s unacceptable.

10 reasons Warsaw is worth a visit

1. It has a great cafe scene

Gourmand Guide Warsaw Poland tour

photo by Mariusz Ciszewski

2. It looks like a great setting for a fairy tale

Gourmand Guide Warsaw Poland tour fairy tale

photo by Mariusz Ciszewski

3. It’s a modern city…

Gourmand Guide warsaw Poland tours city skyline

photo by Filip Bramorski

4. …with some impressive architecture

Gourmand Guide Warsaw Poland tour architecture

photo by Mariusz Ciszewski

Gourmand Guide Warsaw Poland tour architecture

photo by Charlie Hasselhoff

5. The Old Town is not too shabby either!

Old Twon warszawa warsaw Poland with Gourmand Guide

photo by Lisa

6. Warsaw does sunsets exceptionally well


photo by Filip Bramorski

7. It’s not all grey

Gourmand Guide Warsaw tour old town

photo by Paval Hadzinski

8. but looks beautiful even in black & white

Warsaw Poland Gourmand Guide black white

photo by Filip Bramorski

9. Do I have to say that delicious food is aplenty?

Gourmand Guide food scene warsaw tours

photo via Yelp

10. Not to mention the delightful lamb, which comes from places like this one:

tatra Gourmand Guide tours of Poland

Seeing the photos above, would you say that Warsaw & Poland were misrepresented? Yes, I thought so too.

Poland is the most beautiful country in Europe (being Polish, I may be biased) that most people have never been to. On one hand that’s great – there are many places that feel real and not at all touristy, on the other hand – why?


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    January 22, 2016 at 7:39 am

    Old preconceptions die hard! I was surprised to find almost no sheep in New Zealand… and we German don’t eat sauerkraut and drink beer in steins 24/7. Well… it’s up to people like you to show us the real side of beautiful Poland. 🙂

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