Lady Lamington, Brisbane

Lady Lamington

where: 483 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Lady Lamington is one of those places I had my eye on for a long time. Once, I tried to get in there with Hubby for a lazy Saturday breakfast, but they were full and we didn’t want to wait for a table. And since then I was waiting impatiently for an excuse to go there. So when our friend from Sydney came for a visit and the other one wanted to join us for lunch and bring his 2 y.o. son with him, I knew where to go 🙂

It was a really hot and sunny day and the deck table looked perfect for the occasion: bit of shade, plenty of light and glorious warm wind. Even though the deck tables are not serviced and we should go downstairs to order, the staff was so nice, they took our order up there. One of the waiters specially opened a ramp on the back, so our friend was able to come easily to the deck with his kid and pram.

After a quick look at the menu  3 of us decided to go with the Ocean Trout ($16) and one person picked the Chicken Wings ($12).

The Trout was delicious. I have to confess, I’ve never tried a mix of fish & orange before and this one was great as a first time experience. Even looking at the photo makes my mouth water. Highly recommended as a small, light lunch in a hot day.

When we were having the delicate, pretty fish our friend was enjoying his Chicken Wings. We stayed there long enough to order another round of food. So this time, we also decided to try the wings dish and some Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($8).

Everything was tasty and arrived to our table in a reasonable amount of time.

It was too early for cocktails, too hot for tea so we had cold, refreshing smoothies.

Next time I plan to stay downstairs and enjoy the beautifully decorated place.

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