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Japanese food is so much more than sushi (although I’m not saying there’s something wrong with sushi). Every trip to Japan, I discover something new and find my new favourites. It’s all happening in the name of research of course, but as a result, I end up eating A LOT.

During our trip this summer I decided to make a video diary of all the food I’ve eaten across 16 days. I failed to film a few things as I was either too hungry or too tired to do so, but nevertheless, this is the result:

The highlights for me (besides the wonderful pastries at Gontran Cherrier shops in Tokyo and Nagoya) were:

  • meal 6: ramen at Sakura restaurant in Matsumoto
  • meal 10: melon pan from a small bakery in Yabuhara
  • meal 11: soba with tempura mushrooms at Matsumoto Station
  • meal 18: the best unagi I’ve ever had, at Sawasho restaurant in Nagoya
  • meal 39: takoyaki from a street vendor in Osaka
  • meal 58: Hiroshima style okonomiyaki from Humichan (2F) in Okonomimura
  • meal 67: very Japanese experience of dining with locals at Riva in Hiroshima
  • meal 71: Panda Pocky – cookies and cream flavoured Pocky are my favourite of them all
  • meal 80 (and few times more): pickled salmon, mayo and rice – sold at every Family Mart

Have you been to Japan? What is your favourite thing to eat there?

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    k huo c j
    September 22, 2015 at 11:25 pm

    amongst your 80 + meals and snacks, i drooled over more than ten, great video ;-)))

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    June 29, 2016 at 9:35 am

    […] Last year I ate a lot in Japan but didn’t film everything. Going to Japan in May this year, with film-every-meal mission in mind, I ate even more. And this time, I filmed everything. […]

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