Double Shot – New Farm, Brisbane

Going out for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning is very appealing for the lazy part of my nature. I really enjoy not having to make it after long working week and am trying to sample food in different places around Brisbane.

Recently I ticked Double Shot New Farm off of my breakfast wish list. I went there with high expectations after seeing many of my instagram friends’ photos of fresh and light looking food.

Double Shot New Farm is one busy place on Saturday mornings, visited by regulars and new people like us. Set on a rather quiet street, far from all usual tourist paths, looks like a perfect spot to start your day in a relaxed way.

Double Shot New Farm

At 9am there was just one table available, so we sat there and flicked through the menu. It wasn’t easy to choose from the extensive list, but we made up our mind and I lined up to the counter to place the order (Yes, you need to place your order by the counter, but it seemed to be unattended at most times, as the same person also makes the fresh fruit juices). Waiting in the line was boring and took ages and when I finally placed my order and wanted to pay… oooh, there it is – a small white piece of paper with “Cash only, no EFTPOS” info scribbled on it…

Is there any ATM around? – Yes, 200m down the road, in the bowling club. – Ok, I’ll be back soon.

I left my husband sitting by the table and went to the bowling club. That was a big failure to start my lazy Saturday. Bowling club wasn’t that close, according to Google Maps it’s about 500m. A very dodgy place with the oldest ATM I’ve ever seen. It took ages to take my money out of this machine, which had a modem dial. By the time I was back, the person at the counter didn’t remember me, so I had to line up again. And when I was getting closer to the counter someone spilled a coffee on it and very chaotic cleaning started. I lost my appetite and had enough adventures for one day, but decided to find some more patience and wait for my turn a bit longer.

Smoked salmon and soft boiled egg on toast with cucumber, dill dressing, micro herbs and flowers ($16.50) and smashed avocado, lemon rocket, toasted sourdough and poached eggs ($12.50) were finally ordered and our cappuccino ($3) and fresh apple juice ($5.50) on their way to the table.

Double Shot New Farm Cappuccino Double Shot New Farm apple juiceDouble Shot New Farm Double Shot New FarmDouble Shot New Farm food

Despite the fact the kitchen is tiny, our food didn’t take long to prepare. I was impressed how great it looked and my appetite was back straight away.

My smashed avocado had the citrusy zing that was promised on the menu, the egg was runny in the middle and I had an explosion of flavours in my mouth. The only let down was bread. It wasn’t as sour as you would expect from the sourdough.

Double Shot New Farm

My husband’s salmon was beautiful – I loved the colours and presentation, and he was happy with the freshness and playfulness of the dish.

Double Shot New Farm salmon

I was thinking about getting some sweets for take away, they looked amazing, but the thought of waiting in line again stopped me from doing it. I plan to go back, with cash, and try them next time.

Double Shot New Farm

Double Shot has a great potential but needs to improve a few things. Maybe they had just a worse day, I don’t know, as it was my first visit, but after a closer look at everything, we started to notice small things. A bit better attention to detail could help, for example, longer straws in the high juice glasses. And better time and resource management during busy periods would leave customers happier and more eager to come back.


– Bring cash. There is no EFTPOS and trip to ATM will only annoy you.

– Sit outside if you don’t like noise and being squeezed by people.

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  • Reply
    March 6, 2013 at 9:37 am

    You are right it can get very hectic and there is limited seating. And you do have to bring cash. I’m a local and LOVE the place, the fact that Michael the owner produces everything (including all the pastries on site) makes it a big plus. His passion and skill is obvious.

    I think that Michael and Ross thought they were opening a small quiet little place, but with the high quality of food and pastries…the consistantly beautiful coffee made by Barista Coral….it just gets busier and busier! Some times my plans for lunch there go astray as I can’t get a seat. A sign of a good quality place if you ask me.

    oh btw: The prices are incredibly reasonable for what you get, the freshness and high quality….which is a rare treat these days.

    • Reply
      March 7, 2013 at 12:41 pm

      thank you for this comment (more like a review on your own, huh? 🙂 ) Karen. I’ll be definitely be back to try those pastries!

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