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CitizenM Hotel London

If you’re a young person, not expecting much luxury, loving all-things-geeky and quirky please, please make yourself a favour and stay in CitizenM Bankside while next time in London!

I spent one night there (and the whole afternoon before, instead of being a tourist in London) and loved the place.

The location is great (but not so easy to find the street when you walk with a simple map in your hand and it’s pouring outside, plus you have to drag that huge suitcase), just a few minutes walk from London Bridge or Southwark tube stations. Right opposite is the big Marks & Spencer food store and Vapiano restaurant, so you have plenty of choices very close to the hotel.

I did a really good research before my trip, and I knew what to expect. Everyone was saying in their reviews: rooms are small, bed is too high, blinds confusing… And yes – the room was small, but very smartly planned. Bed was high (is that really a problem?), but also very comfy and huge. And the blinds… here we come to the best part – the tablet control!

It allows you to change the mood/colour of lights in your room, to control the blinds, temperature, air conditioning and it’s your TV remote. You can surf the Internet and set your favourite music. My inner geek was very happy 😉

The hotel experience (is that a thing?) starts with the self check-in. Don’t worry, helpful staff is close if you need them. Then instead of going straight to your room you’ll be looking around at all the great decor, books and sofas in the lobby.

They even managed to make the hallways interesting.

I really enjoyed discovering all the bits and pieces in my room. There is a power outlet right next to the desk, where you can plug in 3 different kinds of plugs (no Australian though), USB (which connects with TV and you can play music/movies from whatever device you just connected). Every switch is labeled so you won’t be left wondering what it does.

Quick change of the mood to “relax” and I was ready for shower. Loved the text on the soap box (photo below).

All signs in the hotel made me laugh. Especially one, instead of usual “do not disturb” it was “don’t come in, there’s someone naked in here” 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to go to the bar, but I tried breakfast in the morning (I forgot to take my camera, so no pretty food and all great setting pics from me, but have a look here: link). It was lovely indeed, great coffee, amazing croissant and confitures, but they charge £21.90 for a single breakfast…

Overall I really enjoyed my stay at CitizenM Bankside London, especially the young, creative, funky vibe and am sure I’ll be back.


Note: My stay and review are not sponsored by anyone. All opinions are my own.

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