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Eating & drinking in Brno – day trip from Prague for food lovers

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. And while Prague is getting all the attention, Brno (like many other Czech cities and regions) is not getting enough of it. We spent there only a total of 56 hours but let’s be real – most of that time was spent on eating and drinking. And we can say with confidence that Brno makes for a great day trip from Prague for food lovers.


Vachova 45/6

This restaurant/cafe/bar in one operates almost around the clock and changes (menu and lights) depending on the time of the day. It has a funky design with cool neon lights and the shiny bar area is the main focus. I recommend trying the local beer, homemade lemonades and the Fatty Bun with bacon, cheddar and egg.

Whiskey Bar, který neexistuje

Gorkého 98/58

Don’t get discouraged by the word “whiskey” if you’re not a whiskey fan – I’m definitely not a whiskey drinker but really enjoyed the experience. The Whiskey Bar, který neexistuje team created some beautiful cocktails with whiskey that will turn everyone into whiskey lovers. If you don’t know what to order just chat to the friendly bar staff and they will prepare something to your liking. Food and snacks are also worth a go – I loved their paštika (meat & fat paste) on sourdough bread.


Jezuitská 687/6

Modern European cuisine in a fine dining setting. We were treated to a multi-course set lunch with paired wines and despite the terribly hot day, everyone was in awe. The service was outstanding and the menu featured some truly spectacular dishes (I would go back for that deer with chocolate any day – it was my favourite dish during our month-long stay in the Czech Republic).

Skybar at Fairhotel

Rybářská 202/19

BBQ feast on a rooftop overlooking Brno? Yes, please. It was a very relaxing afternoon, filled with expertly prepared seasonal food complemented by local wines and beer. And a mist producing machine attached to the awning was probably the most welcome feature of the Fairhotel on this scorching day.

Cubana Bar

Jezuitská 7/3

Rum lovers unite. Whether you’re after a nice rum-based cocktail or a rum degustation, Cubana Bar with its collection of over 300 kinds of rum is the place to go. If the weather is nice, there’s a lovely outdoor sitting area.

Bar, který neexistuje

Dvořákova 1

Beautiful place inspired by New York cocktail lounges with its leather couches, raw walls and a shiny bar area. The staff is creative and passionate, happy to create or recommend cocktails suiting your taste. If I had to pick one place for drinks in Brno it would definitely be Bar, ktery neexistuje.

Super Panda Circus

Šilingrovo nám. 257/3

Innovative, creative and entertaining. Half the fun is finding the bar – it’s hiding behind a big curtain. And inside, it’s all very unconventional. The decor is bold, the games to order drinks are amusing and cocktails very interesting. It will definitely impress.

Petit Cru

Údolní 326/11

A wine bar & shop in one. Offers a wide choice of wines for every pocket as well as snacks that complement the wines. While the wine bar is lovely space we were invited to a fabulous outdoor party where Janko, the owner, took us on a real journey through his favourite Czech wines.

Cafe Pilat

Kapucínské náměstí 5

Located inside the Capuchin Monastery, Cafe Pilat serves food inspired by Mediterranean flavours, accompanied by Moravian wines and very good coffee. The interior designed by Martin Hrdina has many symbolic references to Biblical stories as well as to ancient Rome. Instead of music, you can enjoy the singing of birds.

Zelný trh

Vegetable market in the heart of Brno. It’s nicknamed Zelňák and been used as a marketplace for centuries. It’s the place to go for all your fruit & veggie needs. The market operates daily from 6am until 6pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends.

Božský kopeček

You can find their colourful Piaggio Ape vehicles all around Brno, including Zelný trh (check their facebook page for updates). They serve excellent vegan ice cream in a variety of flavours. And speaking of flavours, they’re not just your usual chocolate and vanilla – they have lavender, mojito, lemon with lemongrass or raspberry with cardamom. At 30 CZK (less than 2 AUD) per scoop, you can’t say no to this ice cream.

Tržnice Brno – Dům potravin

Zelný trh 14-16

3 floors of shops, cafes, bakeries and restaurants. Stop by Cupcakekarna for the best cupcakes in town (gluten free and vegan options available) and try Czech craft beers at Craftbeer bottle shop & bar. We recommend getting Matuška Apollo Galaxy and Orange IPA by Raven. There are also free toilets in the building.

Na Brno Dobrý

Náměstí Svobody

Summer pop-up bar by the creative people behind 4pokoje, Super Panda Circus and Bar, ktery neexistuje serving refreshing drinks. On hot days there’s nothing better than lounging in their comfy chairs with a G&T in hand.

SKØG Urban Hub

Dominikánské nám. 187/5

I was actually heading to another cafe when I walked past SKOG. After a quick glimpse of the hipster interior and a confirmation of my “coffee is good here” rule (the rule is, the barista must have a beard and a leather apron or at least leather parts of it) I decided to stop for a flat white. And it was a great choice – the coffee was exactly how I like it. Next time I’m in Brno I will stop by to try their breakfast.

Monogram Espresso Bar

Kapucínské náměstí 310/12

An award-winning place with friendly staff and a cosy wooden-clad interior. Unfortunately closed on weekends. Very good flat white.

Café Atlas

Žerotínovo nám. 533/6

Just outside the city centre with a kind of hidden entrance. The coffee is decent but there’s room for improvement. Seems like a good spot for some laptop work (the music is not too loud or annoying, sounds like something that could be played in a pool lounge) and the tables are big enough for that. The breakfast menu is called “for hungry globetrotters”  and features Arabic, Norwegian, French and Czech breakfasts.

Gỗ Brno

Běhounská 115/4

Good authentic Vietnamese food. Seems to be popular amongst locals and tourists – it was very busy in the afternoon when we visited. The noodles in pho are cut into smaller pieces so it’s easier to eat with just a spoon but it makes it harder to eat for those with good chopstick & slurping skills.

Výčep Na Stojáka Jakubák

Běhounská 16

As the name suggests (na stojaka = standing up) there are no chairs just tall tables where you drink standing up. The bar offers a selection of beers on tap and some typical Czech beer snacks. Unfortunately, the place is cash only so come prepared.

Pub U Dvou Přátel

Dominikánská 11

We stumbled upon this place while walking around Brno’s city centre. The list of craft beers on tap and a nice rock-ish music convinced us to give it a try. We had a glass of Blackberry Berliner Weisse and a white ale – both were very good and we will definitely be back next time for more. Yet another place that is cash only.

Disclaimer: Some places described in this article were part of a sponsored TBEX fam trip, some visited with Hubby during our day trip. All places mentioned are worth a try. 

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