French Martini, Brisbane

French Martini

where: Little Stanley Street, South Bank


If you’ve ever been to Little Stanley Street, you know it’s full of different kinds of restaurants. For me, it never was a first choice dining destination as it’s often too busy, too noisy and kind of where-tourists-go-to place. But once on a public holiday my husband and I went to a cinema in South Bank and we wanted to eat something before the movie starts. Most of the places I knew there, were closed, so we were walking down the street and then something caught my attention: French Martini. French? You don’t need to tell me twice. I HAD to try!

I haven’t brought my camera then and we had only 50min, so it was only a quick one for us. But OMG, I was impressed for a month after that dinner! It was tasty, honest cooking and I was sure I’ll be back.

About a month later we set up a meeting with our friends there. It was a Mother’s Day, so they had a fixed menu – 3 courses (2 dishes in each to choose from) for $55.  We wanted to try some other dishes from their regular menu, but on that special day, the choice was rather different – either eat the fixed menu or eat somewhere else. We stayed and that was a good decision. I loved every single bite.

For entree, they offered scallops or small pastry filled with a goat cheese. The pastry was the winner for me.

Main – beef or salmon. Both were very tasty. The only disappointment was the size. Waaaaaaaay too small. Actually, the beef that our friends ordered was so tiny that it disappeared from the plate before I had a chance to take a photo.

And at the end, the star of the evening arrived – dessert! Actually 3 different ones. From the menu chocolate mousse and fruit tart and a special one just for me – crème brûlée. It wasn’t on the menu but our waiter was so nice, he said it won’t be a problem to make it.

Husband and friends were happy with their desserts, but not as much as I was. Believe me, I was in heaven! I love to crack the top with a spoon and then enjoy the delicate creaminess. It was just perfect.

Their service is excellent, waiting time for food is reasonable and maybe you won’t leave that place with a full tummy, but you’ll be definitely satisfied.


Note: My excitement and food addiction are not sponsored by anyone unless clearly stated in the article. All opinions are my own.

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    June 15, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    the desserts look so goooooood. yum.

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