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Strawberry Apple Galette

When I get crazy on a market and end up buying too much fruits I often google phrases like “carrot potato peas recipe” or “dragon fruit raspberry cocktail mix recipe”. This time I googled “apple strawberry butter recipe” and stumbled upon this awesome galette.

Great step by step recipe by Lola Elise, with beautiful photos turned out to be a delicious Sunday treat. (yes, lately I have time only on a weekends to cook/bake something nice, my job keeps me way too busy…that’s why I’m so quiet here.)

Ingredients (for the crust):

1-2 tbsp orange zest

110g chilled unsalted butter

1 1/2 plain flour
2 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt

3 tbsp cold milk

Ingredients (for the filling):

2 small apples
2 cups strawberries
1/4 cup white sugar

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1/2 tsp almond extract

1 tbsp corn flour
1 tbsp large grain light brown sugar

1 egg white (to brush the gallete)


1. Preparations: zest the orange (2 tbsp of zest); cut chilled butter in small pieces.

2. In a medium bowl mix dry ingredients: flour, sugar and salt. Top with the butter. Using your hands gently rub all the ingredients together or if it’s easier for you use a food processor.

3. Add the orange zest and cold milk and mix together with a whisk or fork. Gather everything together, form a disc, wrap with a foil and refrigerate for about an hour.

4. While the dough is chilling in your fridge, prepare fruits for the filling. Peel, clean and cut the apples into small pieces. Wash and cut in 4 pieces the strawberries.

5. Mix together in a bowl the white sugar, lemon juice, almond extract, corn flour. Mix in the fruits and gently toss everything together.

6. Roll out the dough on a floured bench to an about 26 cm round. Transfer the dough to a baking sheet.

7. Preheat the oven to 180C (fan forced).

8. Spoon the strawberry-apple mixture over the dough, leaving a 4-5 cm border. Fold the dough border over the filling to form a round, leaving the filling exposed in the center.

9. Brush the crust with the egg and sprinkle with the brown sugar.

10. Bake galette until the crust is golden – for about 40 minutes.

I highly recommend serving with a sweetened mascarpone.


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