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I must admit I felt quite uninspired by dining out lately, it seemed like I’m having yet another tapas, same breakfast or not so different from others seafood or pasta. Same food – different place, I didn’t even bother taking photos. But with my recent visit to Shouk Cafe I finally got excited. I even started planning my next visit even before I left the place, got interested in the Israeli cuisine and I couldn’t wait to share some photos and spread the word – everybody should go there.

After reading through the soft opening launch menu and seeing some photos of pretty as a picture food on the internet, I couldn’t wait to try it. So when Julia told me she’s coming to have lunch with me, I instantly knew where I’m going to take her.

It’s easy and convenient to get to Paddington from the CBD – 15 minute bus ride, and the stop is right across the road from Shouk. Big, bright logo sign and lovely blue bunting are visible from afar, it would be hard to miss it.

We kicked off our lunch with coffee (latte $3.80 & flat white $3.50, Veneziano) while we were deciding what to order. Being Polish we felt obligated to try Latke Stack (Polish potato pancake stack with two poached eggs, smoked salmon, crème fraîche, dill and pickled red onions, $16). I’ve never had potato pancakes with salmon, dill and poached eggs before and felt unsure if it’s really going to work. But after first bite all I knew about potato pancakes has changed forever. Seal of approval granted.

Julia went for Lamb Shwarma (slow cooked lamb shwarma wrapped in flat bread with pickled red onion, olives, hummus and and lemon, $16). Great flavours and juicy soft lamb, but maybe a little bit too many olives. Both dishes were quite generous in terms of size and we felt full and happy, but when we saw Cumin and Lime Crepe Souffle (A cumin and lime crème pâtissière soufflé delicately wrapped in a sweet crepe and drizzled with pomegranate syrup, $15) being delivered to the next table, our food envy won and we ordered one to share too.

But first we spend a few minutes just looking at it. It was almost too pretty to eat! I was very glad when it turned out to be not too sweet – very strong cumin and lime flavours dominated but didn’t overpower the dish and were well balanced by the fruits. Perfect finish to the meal.

Shouk Cafe | 14 Collingwood Street, Paddington, Brisbane | open 7 days, 7.30am-3pm |  shoukcafe.com.au

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