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Shangri-La, Singapore

Shangri-La Singapore

22 Orange Grove Road | 258350 | Singapore

I love my “to visit” lists. There is a list for every occasion: cafes, restaurants, countries, places, hotels – you name it, I have it (if not on my pinterest, bookmarked or as a post-it on my wall, then it’s in my head). Shangri-La was on the top of my hotels-to-visit list ever since I saw a photo of a balcony in their Paris hotel and the lobby in the Singaporean one. When we decided to go to Singapore for a few days I knew I had to see that lobby. And thanks to generous people at Shangri-La Singapore, not only did I see the lobby but we were also treated to 2 nights stay in one of the Garden Wing rooms and S-Class Mercedes limousine transfer from Changi Airport.

Shangri-La Singapore

This particular hotel is the place where the Shangri-La story began in 1971. Great hospitality, which the Shangri-La claims to be their trademark, is what I felt from the very first seconds at the airport.

We were greeted and guided to the car, where complimentary WiFi and water were available. Upon our arrival we were welcomed to the hotel, I received orchid flowers (which are the national flower of Singapore), and we were guided straight to our room. What about check-in? That was done while we were walking from the car to the room and finished in our room. It was the first place ever we did it this way, not sure how common it may be.

Hotel feels more like a hidden resort, even though it’s right next to the famous Orchard Road. Around there are palm trees, flowers, lots of greenery and even their own herb garden. Big pool with sun lounges takes a central place on the back of the building, and seemed to be very popular (I was a bit unwell by the time we arrived and didn’t get a chance to try it myself). If that’s not enough to feel like in a resort, there is also a waterfall and mini-garden inside the Garden Wing, which makes it feel even more relaxing and special.

The lobby – something I’ve been waiting for – didn’t disappoint. It’s big, rich in decorations, with a gorgeous chandeliers and flower arrangement. Makes a great first impression and is a bold statement.



On the night of arrival, the room was waiting for us with a pot of freshly brewed tea, bed ready for the night (without decorations, they were put back the next morning) some sweets, fruit basket and a welcome note. In the very classy and timeless interior Shangri-La added some nature inspired touches and colours – from the artwork, and print on the pillows to the carpet. And, what I really enjoy wherever we visit, wooden floor. Lovely interior that allows you to relax.

Bathroom with double sink, shower and bathtub was well equipped (there was even a hair tie amongst all toiletries) but we found it noisy and annoying when we could hear water loudly running in the bathroom pipes. Another very convenient thing that more hotels should implement  –  clothes line, you can pull it from one side of the wall to the other, just over the bathtub.

Balcony is of very reasonable size, with a small table and quite comfy chairs. From our room we could see the pool, and there is a city view from the other side. What was a great news – the balcony windows are soundproof, so you don’t have to worry about noise from the pool side or from restaurants, and with thick curtains that make the room pitch black, you can sleep like a baby even in the middle of a day.


Waterfall Cafe

Our complimentary breakfasts were served in the Waterfall Cafe. With a table full of pastries the place stole my heart from the moment I stepped in there. Then it won me over once again with some great coffee (or maybe it was just lack of good coffee clouding my judgement after a week in Thailand?).

There is a buffet style part of the  breakfast and also a la carte – don’t say no to their pancakes!

We’re usually those people that eat just a small amount of food for breakfast, and after 15 minutes we’re done. Here (and in the Boathouse) we were spending much more time and enjoying the beautiful food. I swear I felt like time slowed down telling me one more sip of the coffee, one more sip

And it’s of course another great interior in the hotel. Elegant, classy and comfortable furniture  with addition of glass elements. There is also a private dining room with a small kitchen at the back of the restaurant, that feels very cozy and very much like a place I could live in not just dine.



We were invited guests of Shangri-La Singapore. All opinions and photos are my own. For rates and reservations go to Shangri-La website

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